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How to Write the Perfect Essay for Class

Hey folks, ya boi Nigerian Prince aka ANALBUTT$TUFF aka Knock-Off Versace Necklace aka Donatello aka Master Sphincter aka D in the A/B in the P here bringing you another HOT tutorial on how to bullshit your way through school, just like how you’re going to bullshit your way through life after. In this tutorial, we’re going to take a trip down Typewriter Lane and jerk our gherkins to one of the most challenging parts of academia; writing an essay.

She Tried to Turkey Dump Me - So I Took a Turkey Dump on Her Lawn

Why am I feeling a gentle autumn breeze caress my anus, you ask? And why is my ex-girlfriend’s mother sobbing from her window as I take the most monstrous shit of my life on her lawn? A shit so monstrous, that no Bristol stool scale rating can describe the texture or its supremacy? These are all astute questions. Let me recall the story that has let me to this life defining moment.

A Nerd’s Guide to Going to the Gym - An Autobiography

Look down. Are you holding a controller of any kind? What about a deck of cards (nerdy ones)? How about a 20-sided die? An instrument (yes those are nerdy)? At the very least a physically bound together localized collection of atoms and molecules? If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions, well I got a secret (of mana) for you - you’re a nerd. Me? I’m currently playing the entire Chrono Trigger soundtrack on piano while carefully grooming my Pokemons’ IV’s in ORAS to make sure they’re perfect, so I know what you’re going through.


Every Gael and Alum liked Hoco a lot…

But the Grinch
Who lived just north of Princess,
Did NOT!

The Grinch hated Hoco! The whole Hoco season!
Now, please don’t ask why. No one quite knows the reason.
It could be he hated to hear the Gaels cheer.
It could be he hated the taste of cheap beer.
But I think the most likely reason by far
Is that in 2005 some kids flipped and burned his car.

Homecoming-Themed Pornos I Hope to Create with My Film Degree

With Homecoming just around the corner, I’m pretty excited to see all of the Queen’s alumni return to their school, and reminisce about how much better their lives were when they were here. For me though, the most exciting part of Homecoming is all of the sexy potential that Homecoming brings as a theme. I am a film major that dreams of being the next big pornographic filmmaker, and boy do I have ambition. Here are some of my finest pitches to date, which I hope to bring with me to LA when I make it big.

1) Homecumming: The Movie

Man Talk

Welcome to Man Talk, a “by men on men” (the topic not the sex position) column to being a man in today’s troubled times. Navigating you through everything from sex, women, fashion to how to train your sphincter let loose manly low-pitched “baroom”-ey farts as opposed to squealy, feminine toots.

How to Fight Like a Large Animal and Fuck Like a Much Smaller One

Man uses ‘The Facebook’ to Announce his Voting Plans

Today an elderly man has done something never before attempted; posting his radical political views on “the Facebook” explaining how he will be voting for Donald Trump in the coming US Presidential election.



How screwed are you for exams?

I have exams?
Due to some quirk of Engineering Physics I have an exam every day for the next three weeks so yeah
I am doing work for the first time this semester and that terrifies me
Honestly, I'm kinda good