What Your House Posters Say About You

It’s a fact that everyone thinks long and hard about which posters they’re going to get for their house. And why shouldn’t they? Whether you’re having a last-minute study session or throwing a gigantic bender, you want to set the right tone for what kind of person you are. The problem though, is that a lot of the time, people’s perceptions of your posters are a whole lot different than what you think. So, we at Golden Words see it necessary to illuminate the difference between what you think your poster says about you, and what it really does.


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Sex Sells Everything ... Except Mattresses

Ask any marketing student and they’ll tell you. In fact, ask any human being and they will tell you that sex sells. Who doesn’t want to see half naked (possibly half plastic) mothers in active wear selling the latest Ajax© (stronger than grease!)? Or thin, elegant women in revealing dresses selling cat food? It just works. Think of the most mundane, regular life item and I can guarantee sex has sold it in one way or another. Don’t worry, men aren’t immune either, they get sexualised too. Calvin Klein’s, Italian dressing, jeans. Hunkvertising is well and truly alive and kicking. 


Every year the first years are given large complex problems and nothing but matlab to model and solve the system. With years of running the program there are ideas that have not been used to to complexity of the problem or the ridiculousness of the problem. 
Model the reflection profile of Brian Frank’s Head: Brain Frank’s head can be assumed spherical. Using the reflection data provided map the percent reflection over the entire spherical surface.

ArtSci Orientation Becomes Recognized as a Religious Tax Exempted Organization

After a lengthy battle in the Supreme Court of Canada, Queen’s ArtSci Orientation Week has finally received a tax exemption in recognition of its status as a religious organization.

A list of things worse than having an Arts degree

Not having a degree (sometimes)
Jail (does not preclude having an Arts degree)
Brain Freeze 
Having Buzzfeed on your resume
Going to Western
Having no friends and having an Arts degree
Having half an Arts degree
Not getting laid
Having especially awful smelling farts
The emotional realization that you have an Arts degree
Living in Kingston with an Arts degree
Being a Leafs fan
Being a Leafs fan in Montreal
The economy

How to Recognize You’re the Outsider in Your Friend Group

Every group of friends has that one person that just doesn’t fit and isn’t wanted in the group. We all know the rule: if you don’t know who the friend is, you’re that friend. But if you’re still unsure, here are five obvious signs that you’re that friend.
1) You’re always chosen to be the sacrifice for Pagan rituals:



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